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November 23, 2015

Precision and Reproducibility in Computing

Run-to-run reproducibility in computing is often assumed as an obvious truth.  However software running on modern computer architectures, among many other processes, particularly when coupled with advanced performance-optimized libraries, is often only guaranteed to produce reproducible results only up to a certain precision; beyond that results can and do vary run-to-run. [ Read More]

July 01, 2015

Special Functions Added to NMath 6.1

Motivated by the need of some special functions when writing signal processing code for NMath, we added a suite of special functions included in NMath 6.1.  [Read More]

April 30, 2015

Announcing NMath 6.1 and NMath Stats 4.1

Centerspace Software is pleased to announce new versions of the NMath libraries – NMath 6.1, and NMath Stats 4.1. [...]

October 13, 2014

NMath Premium's new Adaptive GPU Bridge Architecture

The most release of NMath Premium 6.0 is a major upgrade to the GPU API and it enables users to easily use multiple NVIDIA GPU's.  As always, using NMath Premium to leverage GPU's never requires any kernel-level GPU programming or other specialized GPU programming skills.  In the following article, after introducing the new GPU bridge architecture, we'll discuss each of the new API features separately with code examples. [Read More]

September 17, 2014

Distributing Parallel Tasks on Multiple GPU's

Leveraging the .NET 4.0 Task Parallel Library (TPL) API together with NMath Premium 6.0 is a powerful combination for quickly getting code running on your GPU hardware without the burden of learning complex CUDA programming techniques.  This blog shows how to easily distribute computing work across the CPU and multiple NVIDIA GPU's with NMath Premium. [Read More]

NMath .NET Math and Statistics

NMathThe NMath .NET math and statistics libraries from CenterSpace Software provides building blocks for financial, engineering, and scientific applications on the Microsoft .NET platform.

NMath Premium

Nvidia The Premium Editions of NMath and NMath Stats leverage the power of NVIDIA’s CUDA™ architecture for GPU-accelerated mathematics in .NET. CenterSpace has partnered with leading GPU computing experts to bring GPU-accelerated mathematics to the .NET platform for the first time.

Choose NMath. Written by experts, trusted by industry leaders.
Our developers are experts at object-oriented numerics, producing high-performance, rock solid components, with state of the art object-oriented .NET interfaces. NMath has satisfied customers in over 45 countries around the world, and is proven in production everyday inside Fortune 500 companies.

Increase your productivity and lower your development costs by using NMath to jumpstart your .NET numerical applications.
Our libraries are extensively tested, and include professional documentation, code examples, and technical support.

Licensing that works.
We have a simple royalty-free licensing model. Components are licensed per developer seat. There are no runtime or distribution fees for products developed that make use of NMath libraries.

The numerical tools you need, now and in the future.
NMath features include:

  • matrix and vector classes
  • random number generators
  • Fast Fourier Transforms (FFTs)
  • numerical integration
  • linear programming
  • linear regression
  • curve and surface fitting
  • optimization
  • hypothesis tests
  • analysis of variance (ANOVA)
  • probability distributions
  • principal component analysis
  • cluster analysis

NMath is built on the Intel® Math Kernel Library (MKL), which contains highly-optimized, extensively-threaded versions of the public domain computing packages known as the BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra Subroutines) and LAPACK (Linear Algebra PACKage).

All NMath routines are callable from any .NET language, including C#, Visual Basic.NET, and F#.

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